BREAKING: Nintendo Finally Got Their S**t Together

I need to remember this.


Destructoid reported that after roughly three days of fans swearing bloody murder over the now-infamous “Luminose City Glitch”, Nintendo finally decided to intervene and take care of the problem. Well, sort of. Nintendo released a public statement to warn players about the glitch as well as providing us with this handy-dandy little map:

Above is the map of Luminose City, and pulling up our outdated auto-translator from behind the game desk, the blue area on the map indicated parts of the map affected by the Luminose Glitch that Nintendo have found and tested in the privacy of their evil lair. By the looks of things, it seems the only safe places to save in Luminose is inside buildings near the center of town. Having said that, WHAT THE WHAT, NINTENDO?! THAT HUGE?! And you DARED to greenlight a GLOBAL FUCK RELEASE with a glitch area THAT HUGE?! REALLY?!


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