My Obsession With Vivillon and All It’s Forms

Vivillon. 🙂


It has been a shockingly long time since I have played a Pokemon game.

The last generation I played and enjoyed was the original second one. To this day I still hold that Crystal was the best Pokemon game ever because after that one no Pokemon game ever really seemed worth playing. So, as excited as I was about Pokemon X – and that excitement was based primarily on how awesome it looked – I was a bit wary. I just wasn’t sure I would get into this generation any more than I had any of the previous ones.

But, man, was I ever wrong.

I got seriously into Pokemon X. I mean, seriously into it. I’m forty hours in and I’ve only got four badges. For the very first time I for some reason need to catch them all. And after managing to acquire a Ditto and all the current…

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