Pokemon X & Y Patch Is Now Live

Another update.

My Nintendo News

As of December 12 2013, new update data for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y has been made available for download on Nintendo eShop. We strongly recommend that all Pokémon X and Pokémon Y players download and install this update data.

Update Details:

  • Fixes an occasional bug causing Pokémon not to learn new moves after evolving through Wonder Trade.
  • Fixes an occasional bug where certain captions for Trainer PR Videos were not unlocked in Lumiose City.
  • Updates an Internet communication issue.

This update also includes the previous Ver. 1.1 update (released on October 25, 2013).

  • Prevents the occurrence of a rare issue in which players are unable to resume playing after saving their game in certain areas of Lumiose City. More info Players already affected by this issue will also be able to resume playing normally after downloading and installing this update data.
  • Prevents errors which sometimes occur when using certain…

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9 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y Patch Is Now Live

  1. I started with Fennekin.. but when my sister gets her 2DS I’m starting again hehe… here is my code if you are interested: 2165-6136-4850

    • Which one are you going to choose when you re-start? Thanks for the code, but I don’t really do any of the stuff that has to do with the codes. At least, I don’t think I do. What are they for exactly anyway? Are they for the MiiVerse or something? Gosh, I sound like such a noob.

    • And now I really feel like a noob. I probably should have known that. Thanks for telling me! Everybody loves Fennekin. Do you have your Fennekin reach its final form, or do you leave it at one of its other forms? I’m keeping mine a Braixen. Which fossil Pokemon did you choose? I chose Amaura.

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