What Pokemon do in their Pokeballs

So cute!!

Nerdy Ninja Platypus


I have a slight Pokemon addiction. I must have clocked around 150 hours playing the new Pokemon X and Y games on my DS, and have watched all of the original Pokemon series, countless of times. I’ve grown up with the franchise so it would be impossible to stop loving it. When I see new Pokemon fan art, I get far too excited. These pictures by Bruno Clasca are no exception. I’ve always wondered what a Pokemon does inside it’s pokeball, and I get the impression they just sleep, but I like these ideas more.



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47 thoughts on “What Pokemon do in their Pokeballs

    • I like all of them, the Squirtle one just happens to be my favorite of the three. Have you ever played Pokemon: LeafGreen or Pokemon: FireRed? If so, what Pokemon did you start with? When I started my LeafGreen version, I chose Charmander.

    • Crystal was the first one I ever played. In the LG I started recently, I decided at the main beginning that the only Pokemon I would have in my party would by my Charmander (and later my Eevee because I needed a surfer). As a result, I’m about to get my 6th Gym badge, and I have a level 70 Charizard. I will completely annihilate the Elite Four when I get to them. >:D

    • Take that, Diantha! Xalbatrosswingx has defeated you!

      Haha. Yeah. Too bad my pace is extremely slow. Oh, well. I guess that is to be expected from a video game snail like me. What Pokemon do you have on your team?

      • LOL My name is Sam btw. 🙂 Um.. lets see,

        ♥ Darla the dedenne
        ♥ Ernestine the hydreigon
        ♥ Grace the delphox
        ♥ Genevieve the skiddo
        ♥ Celeste the swanna

        Yeah, I give them normal names 🙂 The reason I still have Genny as a skiddo, is she’s holding the everstone. 🙂 I like skiddos 🙂 They are cute! And I went on a safari last night and caught Darla. I was lucky to run into a dedenne so fast.

  1. Those are great names! My team is

    Shelly the Lapras

    I’m not to big into nicknaming Pokemon, so I don’t do it often. Congrats on the Dedenne! Here’s a random question, when you picture Darla in your mind, does she have any kind of accessory?

    • That is so cute! 😀 *Dies of cuteness overload* Do you mind if I draw her sometime? Are you referring to Mega Charizard X? If so, yes, that is the one I got. Although, I actually prefer Mega Charizard Y. Which of the Kanto starters did you choose?

      Do you prefer to be called Sam or xalbatrosswingx on the internet?

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, I need some name ideas for an Eevee plushie I got. I want an unusual name, but I also want a name that’s fitting for an Eevee. It’s actually a bit of a contest on my blog right now, except I haven’t really got very many ideas.

  3. I’d like to chat with your sister too, but I don’t really hand out my e-mail address to people I don’t know in real life, sorry. It’s nothing personal or anything, I’m just extra cautious with that sorta thing. Does she maybe have a blog I could comment on?

    I really hope A+E change their mind on suspending Phil, I’m really gonna miss that show if it gets taken off the air.

  4. @xalbatrosswingx: Are you agreeing with me about being upset if the show gets taken off, or with hydrataco on the Phil thing?

    @hydrataco: And that’s where our opinions differ.

    @Both: Hey, how did we get from talking about cute Pokemon pictures, to talking about the whole Duck Dynasty issue? *Scrolls up* Oh, yeah. That’s how. So, if either of you could have only one Pokemon to have in real life, which one would you choose?

    • Then, I guess our opinions differ as well. So, which Pokemon would you choose? I think I’d probably go with a Pikachu. Glaceons may be my favorite Pokemon, but I think having a Pikachu would be a lot more fun. After all, it could ride on my shoulder, and be super cute. 😀

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