I am just sitting here drinking berry juice and thinking about going down for a nap. I need to get one of these soon. I want to get the Sims2 + pets for my vita. I’m going to pick up 2 dsis also… mostly for the nostalgia and also so my sister and I can exchange photos and play pictochat like we used to. 🙂 


36 thoughts on “Welp..

  1. I have a lot of Shinnies but sometimes I get Extra for example If I Get a 4th Poliwag I could Give it to you or a second Skrelp, Goldeen, Horsea, or Magikarp Except for that my other shinnies are from Masuda Method So its unlikely I’ll Find a second one of thoughs. Visit My Blog And you Can se all my shinnies that I have in My pokemon Y game.

  2. Actually I kind of want get my Shiny Magikarp to level 50 So I can use him as a Mega Evolution (Mainly Because I never use Mega Evolutions) Which Might actually help Me with a strategy I just dreamed up.

  3. You don’t have to change anything, Sam. I was actually referring to hydrataco’s blog. Sorry for the confusion. @xalbatrosswingx and hydrataco: Have either of you ever tried chain fishing? I’ve heard it gives a higher chance of finding shiny Pokemon. I tried it once with no luck, has it ever worked for you two?

  4. Yes I Tried it for the first time 2 1/2 days ago and have gotten 7 Shinnies from it, Its very efficient compared to Masuda Method (My Favorite Method) but Honestly I Prefer Masuda Method Because it allows you to pass on Hidden abilities and Egg moves. Yet Masuda Method Can take a lot of patience, My shiny Aegislash took 395 eggs to hatch which is a good amount of eggs not too many and not very small either. But before I traded my Battle Slowbro it destroyed with its egg move set of Snore and its trick room/ Rest trick it destroyed because I had it with set moves from the egg. I don’t know how excited I would’ve been if I got a shiny one.

    Btw I’ll change the back round color

    • Thanks! It’s a little easier to see now. You must be a really dedicated shiny hunter. As much as I want a shiny, I don’t think I’d have the patience to hatch 395 eggs.

  5. Lol, Actually It took just about 2 days of dedicated hard work to get Honedge also a good trick to keep your sanity is to sidetrack and take breaks for example I’m Taking a two week break from hatching Hidden ability Chespin Eggs.

  6. About To beat the Elite four for the 100th Time for Gyarados Levels- Glad they made the Elite four easy again like in Heart Gold 😀

      • Btw Is their anyone I can trust to help me Evolve my shiny Seadra into a shiny Kingdra? I’m not sure If I should trade it anyways because I could give it evolvite and make have less weaknesses.

    • After we battle just give me time to switch him into my party, Gyarados is still a snail when it comes to Experience gaining so I need to beat the elite four Like one more time after this than I’ll be ready.

      • If you Do trade me back my Shiny Kingdra once its evolved I can trade you a Hidden ability-Protean, Japanese ,Timid nature, 3 Max IV 31 stats Froakie- For Shiny Hatching if you desire or Competitive Battle Because of its Great stats and nature

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