I enjoy helping people…

I was helping Taco and I thought, why not help other ppl with their pokes?? If you need my help, just ask k? I had a bacon panzo for dinner and a Diet Pepsi and I loved it. It was a thank you meal from my baby sister. ♥ Now I’m drinking water like it’s going out of style. 🙂


PS: I need to think up awesome nicknames. Aaaaaaand, I’m addicted to Wonder Trade LOL



27 thoughts on “I enjoy helping people…

  1. Hey, Sam, remember in an earlier post when we were talking about a Yu-Gi-Oh crossover? I have another funny scene for you to picture in your head. Imagine Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei’s faces when Yuma started yelling at Astral in front of them for the first time. Yuma would probably seriously weird them out if they couldn’t see Astral.

  2. Lol, Thanks by the way for the trade help and letting me test my team, Sorry I left in the middle of the battle too I had to go somewhere.
    By the way of battling you I noticed a couple of things about your team

    Your Skiddo, Genevieve Was really strong but if you evolved it or gave it evolvite it could have been much stronger Unless of course He is meant as a strategic Fodder for a safe switch which would be really strong if you had a full team of 6.

    Btw You Team would have a significant weakness to bug poison types meaning venipede could sweep. I think what your team could use is a bug type or a fighting type because that could round your team

    Your Swanna is a BEAST does it have Gale wings ability? Even the fastest Pokemon on my team couldn’t out speed it! It destroyed a lot of my Pokemon and If I wasn’t scared of it and didn’t take it seriously it could have taken out my teaam single handily.

    Your team could benefit from a Pokemon that can set up with Dragon dance or swords dance so it can sweep OR a Annoyer a slow Pokemon with major Defense HP Sp Defense with leach seed ,Spikes, Stealth rocks, Trick room, Rest, or recover. Annoyers are really good for stalling and annoying the opponent so that you can Status affect them and use moves that do small damage over time and gaining life. Also if its holding leftovers or rocky helmet all the better.

    that Swanna is Waaaaaaaaaay to strong. You trained it very well

    Also you don’t have a Mega evo. on your team. Also one last piece of advice, Starters and legendaries usually don’t work very well because #1 Legendaries are a cheap way to win and I’m Glad your not that type of battler and #2 Starters Are generally weak in competitive battle unless they have a groundbreaking ability like Protean or Drought Mega Charizard Y or its a Venasaur
    in conclusion I think your team is very strong except I think your weak link is your Delphox. Also i think you could use some more Pokemon too 😀 I can trade you some shinnies if I get any extras and stuff like that.

    Want to battle again with 6 Pokemon I want to see if I can Figure out how to upload the video to my Blog to see if it works- If it does I wont know till tomorrow ‘cuz my computer doesn’t have a SD card slot, And I also might need a capture card instead.

    • Thank you for the nice comments. I will grab some more pokes. I have been doing the Wonder Trade thing so I should get good pokes. I’m not sure what my swanna’s ability is. I’ll check. Genny is a skiddo bc I love them. But I am going to check out your safari (grass) and catch something and train them. So I need a bug type eh?

  3. Haha. Yuma’d probably start pointing at Astral and be like “You mean you can’t see the floating, glowing alien? You guys are the greatest duelists ever, I thought for sure you’d be able to see him!”

  4. Also I’d Like to ask a question of the day. Which Pokemon is “Your Pikachu” the one Pokemon that you rely on and trust in every battle the one Pokemon you’ve cared about so much and has battled you in and out of the elite four and gym leaders, dodging attacks and landing criticals. ( No legendaries Please)

    For me it has always been Feralgatr who was the last one standing the one who pulled it through for me and got two criticals in a row on the champion while Confused the one who while the rest of the team was fainted pulled through and helped me battle on. In Heart Gold It felt Like It was just me and my feralgatr on top of the world Acquiring badge after badge and battling trainers.

    Yet More recently It has been my Escalvier single handily destroying the battle tower in Pokemon Black 2 and Being their to support me when all other Pokemon are fainted. Corphish has also been my buddy for the same reason and pulling through for me when the battle looks over.

    In the end I’ve Always loved My little buddy corphish

    • But, sugary stuff is the best kind of duel fuel. 😛

      I’m not really planning on getting a Raichu with the Pikachu in my party. I think I’ll catch another Pikachu for that. I would miss the little “Pika, Pika” my Pikachu says in every battle it’s in.

  5. Hopefully I’m not too much like Ash. I want to win when I fight the elite four. LOL Hey, did you know “pikapika” is actually a Japanese sound affect word meaning “sparkle”?

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