Well… no more Econo for us.

Aunt Catherine wants us to lose weight so.. no more Econo for us. I don’t blame her.. she is just looking out for us 🙂 ♥

I’m sitting here drinking berry juice and thinking about Taco’s suggestions for my team. Hm… It seems I need a bug type and something else. I will adjust my team accordingly. 🙂 Someone somewhere suggested that Swanna is good bc he/she/it is both water and flying types.

I will check out some bug safaris…



8 thoughts on “Well… no more Econo for us.

  1. Accelgor
    Is good for a speed Fodder So you can get 1-2 good Sp. Attack is Ok but the speed is what lets you get the Damage
    Is a Slow Heavy Hitter who takes almost every attack and can eat it up the only thing you have to look out for is its fire weakness, but except for that even a critical fighting type move would take it out with its defense
    Has always been a classic with its Above average defense and devastating attack with new Mega Scizor its all the more reason to run a Scizor with bullet punch and x-scissors on your team, Also like escalvier its Iron Bug type
    Is a all around below average Pokemon which is actually good beacuse its stats when I say are below average are just 10-30 below the average base stats which is good also it has a variety of move set so you can set up for a sweep or go for a defensive wall or anything with his move set.
    Has all a round good defense and is a good wall of any kind

    All Around Best choice; Drapion
    Ok its not a bug Type but its first form is meaning it could learn X-scissors by TM and has Poison typing to get rid of fairies (Mainly Because Its always good to have more Fairy killing moves) Has Dark Type which lets it learn a STAB Dark Type move which wouldn’t hurt. Also You tend to have trouble with dark types in general so Being able to learn both bug and fighting type moves is the best. Plus its Poison Dark meaning Bug and Psychic type do nothing to it and its only Weakness is ground Making it a Better Electric type with wider Move set

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