So this is Xmas…

It’s snowing out. Actually, they said it would. Anyways, I am starting again on my Y. I really have to think about my team. I might start with Froakie, and that way, I can pick Charmander and then ultimately Charizard. Speaking of Charizard, I saw one on the GTS named Lizarddong. *smh* And a lot and I mean A LOT of the requests there are ridiculous! Like Yveltal and Xerneas… there were a few normal requests but not many.

So, starting again, I am just wondering what a good team is. :/



20 thoughts on “So this is Xmas…

  1. Yes, getting a Froakie would be a very good choice.
    As for the team, Pokemon I would suggest would either be Espurr or Honedge, depending on whether you prefer speed or offence.

    • Helioptile are pretty cute too. πŸ™‚ When I got to Route 9, catching one was a must. But, then again, catching every Pokemon is a must for me, because I’m trying to get a 100% complete Pokedex. This is going to be the first time I’ve ever accomplished that, if I succeed.

  2. My goal For Pokemon Y is too find good Shinnies and make an effective Team that I can Sweep with. So usually After I beat the game I put my starter and Blaziken in the Pc Box. I Usually Work on a Effective Team after I beat the Game. I can’t Wait I’m getting a second Copy of Pokemon X And I’m going to try a Nuzlocke-Or a Wonderlocke Which would be awesome πŸ˜€

    • Look out! Taco’s going to get some spring cleaning done. πŸ™‚

      Did you two hear that Nintendo of Japan has removed Pokebank from their e-shop? I hope we still get it over here in the West, I was really looking forward to transferring my old Pokemon to Pokemon X.

      • I have 2 shinnies I think in Pokemon Black 2 so….. I also hope to trade up some Pokemon Like my Collection of starters from other Generations I hope Pokebank makes it here, In Japan they shut down Pokebank and Wonder Trade for a while because people were Abusing it and sending over hacked Pokemon that Ultimately Destroyed Game Data. Them taking Away Pokebank from Japan might just Be a bigger Punishment for abusing Pokebank. Can’t Wait For tommarrow though.

  3. What I heard (or rather read) was that the e-shop servers got overloaded because of the Christmas rush along with the release of Pokebank. I also read that when the Pokebank gets put back up (if it gets put back up) anyone who already signed up for the free trial will have their trial re-started, so I guess that’s kinda good.

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