I’m really tired sooooo… making this quick like bunnies.

♥ Chloe the oddish (I intend to turn her into a vileplume.)

♥ Kitty the espurr (how original eh? LOL)

♥ Inferno the charmeleon *

* I kind of screwed up on this one bc I only recently noticed that Inferno is a girl… -_- Ah well.. I’ll find the Name Rater sooner or later. 

♥ Snowflake the polar vivillon *

* Yes, I do have the polar vivillon if anyone wants one… I can breed them after I finish the game.

♥ Benjamin the frogadier

♥ Sugarpuff the spritzee *

* I need to get the sachet and when I do I will need someone to help evolve her to aromatisse. And don’t laugh at the name… I know it’s very girly. 😛

And that’s about it.


Tomorrow I shall go into more details.


23 thoughts on “I’m really tired sooooo… making this quick like bunnies.

    • @Taco: Do you know where the Move Tutor is? I have a training strategy for my Pikachu, but I need to find him for it to work. By the way, I started a nuzlocke on Pokemon Emerald.

      @Sam: I think if you leave your Charmeleon’s name Inferno, it will seem like one of those tough girls. But, if you want an idea for a different name, you could name it Kasai, which is Japanese for fire. Or you could name it Moyasu, which means burn.
      By the way, in your title you said you would make this post as quick as bunnies, but what happens if they’re fat bunnies?

  1. Goodluck On the Nuzlocke!
    The move reminder is in Dendemile town (The one w/ the wind mill)

    The draco Meteor Move tutor is on Route 21 those are the two I found so far
    In this generation They only Have 3 move tutors though, Fire pledge water pledge grass pledge Tutor, Blast burn Hydro pump Frenzy Plant move tutor and Draco meteor Move tutor, the only person who can teach a non-Starter non Dragon Type Pokemon any Type of move is the Reminder in Dendemile Town.

    Also I don’t think its possible to get the satchet till’ you beat the game, I think you have to get it at the BP exchange corner in Kiloude city. (Don’t Quote Me on this I might be wrong :/ )

  2. They Delayed Pokemon Bank 😦 Because of the massive amount of people who got the 3DS over the week they want to make sure the platform can hold many users at once.

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