I told you that I’d go into more details about my pokemon…

Ok here we go!

♥ El Santo the hawlucha (previously named Jericho)

I caught him last night.. or well.. early this morning. I named him Jericho after my favorite wrestler but then I realized that my little hawlucha wasn’t that kind of wrestler so I renamed him after the legendary luchador El Santo. His attacks are flying press, roost, (which came in handy with Korrina) bounce and power up punch.

♥ Snuggles the dedenne

I was VERY lucky to find a female dedenne. I was looking for the leaf stone and she popped out. I named her Snuggles because that’s what I want to do with her… if she doesn’t zap me first that is .. ahaha. Her attacks are thief, thunderbolt, parabolic charge and nuzzle.

♥ Benjamin the greninja

He’s my starter all grown up. I named him after Benjamin Franklin… bc Froakie looks like Ben. :p His attacks are round, water shuriken, surf and smack down.

♥ Kasai the charizard

I took Strawberry’s name suggestion. Kasai is my powerhouse. She kicks major arse. She totally aced Ramos.. but that is to be expected bc a) Ramos is a grass type trainer and b) Ramos is a grass type trainer. 😛 Her attacks are dragon rage, slash, flame burst,and fly.

♥ Chloe the vileplume

Yes! I found a leaf stone and turned her. I know I could have waited and got a sun stone and evolved her into a bellossom (sic) but I like vileplume better. Her attacks are mega drain, sweet scent, acid, and sleep powder.

There you have it.



17 thoughts on “I told you that I’d go into more details about my pokemon…

    • Yes. I am quite fond of El Santo. 🙂

      Calamari (my newest) the inkay is jolly natured..
      El Santo is serious natured
      Ben is quirky natured
      Snuggles is relaxed natured
      Kasai is sassy natured
      Chloe is unfortunately lax natured -_-

      • You mentioning your Inkay reminded me that I have a story to tell about the Inkay I caught. When I caught it, I decided to name it “Okie Dokie”, because I think Inkay sounds like someone is unsure about something and is just like “nnnn kay”. But when I went to nickname it, I messed up, and accidentally named it “Okie Dokio”. When I realized this mistake after I hit the button to select the name, I was like “Oh, NO! I messed up. :(“.

      • I named My Malamar Calamari too LOL. Whats are there abilities?
        BTW You evolve Inkay by rotating your 3ds upside down while levelup to Lvl 30

  1. That’s what my inkay’s ability… but she evolved to Malamar so.. IDK now bc I boxed her. I caught something better!

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