Ok.. so this is getting ridiculous.

Now this. Oy… what is going on?! I think they are dicking around with us. 😦 I am just wondering about the Celebi event… are they going to do it or not??

What do you think is going on? o_O



8 thoughts on “Ok.. so this is getting ridiculous.

  1. I actually don’t Like Legndaries at all in almost every game I have they stay at the level I caught them at and just server as a Pokedex entry so far I’m Just waiting for it to open so i can trade up my other shinnies and starters to Pokemon Y.
    There Probably going to still give us celebi I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Or even better Give Japan Celebi and America, Oceania, and Europe a different legendary as a “sorry hope we can make it up to your prize” . Once I level up My Pokemon and get them a good move set want to battle? Most Likely Tomarrow till’ I get My new Team ready.My new team is just Oο£Ώ but I hope i can make stronger and more innovative with the newest Pokemon I’ve gotten~Taco

  2. I want the Celebi. I think they should just let Celebi be a regular event Pokemon, so everyone can get it. Even people who just got into Pokemon, that don’t have any other Pokemon games except X & Y, and therefore would have no reason to download the Pokebank.

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