A Cascoon Called A.R.S.E.

It’s great to name your pokes… this person just takes it to the next level. 😀

Kanto to Unova (and beyond)

I nickname my pokemon. It started off as retaliation for the fact that all pokemon names were written in capital letters for no adequately explained reason, but slowly developed into a worrying compulsion.

My oldest pokemon, Skeptyleia and Kombausken, sort of show how I made the leap. Not content with nicknaming them Sceptile and Combusken, I felt the need to use all of the characters at my disposal every single time. Later games worked to a theme- my Luxray, Oscillate, is named after the Smiths song ‘Oscillate Wildly’, and my Palkia Flintoff was caught on the day Freddie Flintoff retired from cricket. I have a multitude of pokemon named after songs, sportspeople, historical world leaders, musical terms and so on.

Recently, I have delighted in giving my pokemon slightly twisted versions of their own names, rather like I did originally. I have a Krookodile called Krooko, an Oshawott called Oshie…

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