Drinking berry juice and trying to digest my dinner.

Or is it fruit punch…? Meh.. it’s liquid.. :p  Lordy, have you seen my last reblog? Mega fucking Garchomp! I want. Now. 😀 Also I may get mega evo my kangaskhan. That evo rocks too.

I might trade some more pokes but I have to decide who and what I want. I was reading Strawberry‘s comment about her palkia.. and the combee she traded for it. 🙂 There are some awesome ppl out there who give great pokemon.

I want to battle Taco again. I enjoy that.. even if I do lose.. although that last battle was close eh Taco? 😀



5 thoughts on “Drinking berry juice and trying to digest my dinner.

  1. I plan on getting both of the Megas you mentioned, since I plan on completing the Pokedex anyway. It’s going to be a challenge, catching all 718 Pokemon… But, I can do it, because I have the power of the *takes a deep breath* HAM SAMMICH!!!

  2. Yeah Mega Charizard Y’s Drought ability can be very strong Especially when you use a “Sun Team” I really want a hidden ability shiny Vulpix for that reason + My team might be more annoying just got a friend to trade me a Jolly hidden ability Iron fisted Infernape, I rebreed him w/ better IV’s. I want to make a Starer Team that works with a 1 sp attacker 1 Stall 2Physical attackers and 2 walls the one disadvantage No megas. I might add my best Pokemon witch you haven’t seen yet who is a massive physical threat just for fun.
    Btw I have All the mega stones Except for Pinsirite and Manectrite because I don’t work on finding Mega stones on Pokemon X.

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