Gen VI Review

Fucking Mega Garchomp! I need! Forget what I said in one of my posts.. XD

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Well its about time i finish these pokèmon game reviews, and Pokèmon X-Y is the final one. With the delay of the bank and transporter, it seems like as good of time as any to give my thoughts on the latest entry into the pokèmon universe.            

While i did my version of a play by play with Pokèmon X giving you guys an idea of my team and my general thoughts along the play. After i finished X i still hand an hankering for some more Pokèmon, so i picked up Y and it quickly became my favorite version of gen 6, while they are practically twins, i think the pokèmon available in Y are far better. Like Team Rocket there are a lot of things this game nearly flawlessly, but in some cases ended up…

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2 thoughts on “Gen VI Review

  1. Mega Garchomp is way to powerful I don’t think they should’ve gave Pseudo’s Mega Evos. I used to use one on my team before I discovered Choice scarfed Malamar

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