I wonder….

If this and this are tied together? It could be. It’s all speculation now but… think about it. 🙂 Here is my team on Pokemon Y..

– Soul Calibur the honedge

–  Princess the furfrou

– Jumper the frogadier

– Moraki the ivysaur

– Combusken the .. er… combusken?


I will have their stats later. I hadn’t counted on catching Princess but holy cats is she strong! Oy.. and it’s snowing.. 😛  Oh and …

HAM SAMMICH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls over* Oops…



6 thoughts on “I wonder….

  1. I still don’t think it’s very likely that Game Freak is working on another region so soon. But, I guess it is possible. Oh, no! Sam fell over! Ah..Ah… What do I do? Ah… Um… I know! *Points to hill* There’s a hill I’m going to roll down it like I’m a sausage. *Starts rolling down hill* AHHHH~! *Reaches bottom* HAM SAMMICH!!! There *gasp* she’s safe now. *Passes out*

  2. Furfrou is really strong until you face any Sp. attackers because he can’t Take those hit very well at all but until you get past shalour city you shouldn’t have much of a problem because at there aren’t any real sp attackers that are threats until clemonts gym.

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