MegaHoundoom Build

FUCKING A. This is better than Garchomp. Look how badarse he is!!!!

Raising Pokemon with Scott

Houndoom the Dark Pokemon


Back when Pokemon Gold and Silver first came out I had a love hate relationship with Houndoom. I loved his look and feel as well as his duel typing of dark and fire. I didnโ€™t like that I would need to replace my Ninetales to use him. So he sat on a back shelf unused for me simply because I loved Ninetales more. Having a Megaevolution has brought him back to my attention, not to replace Ninetales but maybe as an alternate.

First off when breeding for Megahoundoom I like to go for a modest nature with the Flash Fire ability. I like to breed for all IVs except attack with a focus on Special Attack and Speed. For EVs I max out Special Attack and Speed with the remainder going towards Special Defense. I give it Houndoominite so that he can Megaevolve and kick butt.

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14 thoughts on “MegaHoundoom Build

  1. I used to run Mega Houndoom on my old team but he couldn’t handle to many hits buy I like his design Lol just about to write a Pokemon of the week And then I ran across this

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