I have been neglecting my poor WP in favor of my new LJ. Sorry y’all. I have been not too busy… I am going to ask Dr. D about me having IBS bc I simply can not eat certain foods *etches HAM SAMMICH into the ground with monster truck* LOL like ground beef… I can eat my beloved ham subs and pizza but not ground beef. *shrugs*

I am wondering what to do now that I’ve finished Y… like in game wise?



22 thoughts on “Welp…

  1. breed flawless pokemon with perfect stats and try to get a good battle spot record? Try to complete the game? Shiny hunt? Wi-fi battles- Iv’e taken up Wi-Fi battling and shiny hunting almost over 1700 tynamo eggs by now though after this i’ll being hunting shiny gastly- will you help me evolve it into shiny gengar once i get it?

  2. Yeah, I’m with Taco.
    Shiny hunt, Sam. Be driven into insanity whilst trying to find a slightly darker coloured Pikachu. Lose sleep trying to get the perfect six IVs, best nature, and flawless moveset. Scream in frustration as you are beaten once more by Legendary Pokemon in the Battle Institute.
    Experience the joy of your Pokemon finally reaching level 100.

    • I have almost a box full of level 100 Pokémon and since I train at the elite four I’ve beat the champion 114 times- after vastly i’ll hunt a shiny perfect 5IV’s and Perfect nature Hidden ability scyther! – Over 1700 eggs now hoping to get to 2000 by the end of the day wish me luck 🙂

    • I don’t think they’re is such thing as 6IV unless you Pokégen it- Trust me as soon as you get your first shiny after grueling aggravating days of hunting it’s so worth it-

      • Well, there’s six stats: HP, Attack, Defence, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and finally Speed. Most people put up a post that says ‘I finally got my six IV ~Goomy~!’, so…
        Oi, I’m still hunting for that Murkrow. As a plus, my Pokemon are levelling up quickly.

  3. I have trouble eating certain foods too! I think my problem might have something to do with a gag reflux. Like, I can’t eat stringy foods AT ALL. Would you believe I still haven’t finished Pokemon X yet? I think I’m at the fifth gym. Yeah, I’m really slow.

  4. Sam want to battle my new* team later today- I’m changing my Elektross move set
    can’t wait almost done training elektross going to hunt gastly soon and try to get a Lvl 100 shiny Gengar-

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