I hate LJ…

Some arsehat decided to royally piss me off. I won’t name names but  they know who the fuck they are.  I’ve had it up to here with this stupid fuck.


I am craving  pop tarts like it’s no-one’s business.  Crazy eh?


In Pokemon news, well I haven’t been playing… I might ask Coll to let me use her 3DS XL. I feel like doing a Nuzlocke challenge on Platinum or W2… hell I might try it on Y also.  I was told that doing a Nuzlocke on Platinum is hard bc of Cynthia’s garchomp… and some other pokes ..

I go by my own rules. It says that you must release the fainted pokemon… but I just put the fainted pokemon in the box system.. or I wonder trade them. 🙂

Speaking of wonder trades, I quite enjoy them. Even if I do get shitty pokes… I just wondertrade the ones I don’t want/like… easy peasy lemon squeezie. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I hate LJ…

  1. I thought you were staying off of LJ for awhile… I know what will cheer you up, a *takes over the internet and screams from everyone in the world’s monitor* HAM SAMMICH!!!

    I might have to try a platinum nuzlocke sometime as well. Just so I can say I tried it.

  2. LMAO Yeah a nuzlocke challenge on Platinum will be good as long as you choose Turtwig bc that is what’s recommended,

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