I’m sick and tired of people doing inappropriate things.

Holy shit Batman. There are a shit ton of pervs on LJ. 

In Pokemon news, I have stopped for awhile. I need to get me a 3DS  XL bc I gave the pokemon one to my baby sister Colleen. I know which one I want.. it’s this. I can’t wait to play it. I want to battle Taco again. :3  So, as soon as in next week I shall have the money to get said system. I can’t wait. 😀

I’n itching to play Pokemon now. Jeez. I guess the pull of Ninty is hard for me to ignore. LOL But I will ride the week out and then Tuesday Coll will pick up the console… even if I don’t get the Yoshi one I will still do an unboxing for everyone’s pleasure.

I just thought of something… I wonder if they still have the gold Zelda 3DS XL?

We have a $15 credit at Gamestop so, and Coll will chip in $11 towards the system.

I think I’d better stay the fuck away from LJ  for awhile.



4 thoughts on “I’m sick and tired of people doing inappropriate things.

  1. I’m IV breeding almost all my competitive Pokemon and shiny Riolu practically came with perfect 31 IV’s all across the board- Want to play by smogon rules next time we battle- lets battle Ubers tiers
    read parts Clauses and tiers for more info on tiers and clauses
    Mean while i can IV breed a team of OP ubers and train some legends 😀

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