I’m wide awake…

Yay! We are getting thunderstorms soon in the forecast! (And snow too.. -_- lucky us eh? 😛 I think that the snowfall will be temporary… and not packing snow…  It’s too late for the snow to stick around much.

Coll and I are talking about Easter/Passover… I wish the staff here would buy a butterball turkey.. saves them time prepping the bird. .. but nope, we are having some other type of turkey-lurkey.  Coll just said that marmelade is disgusting but I’m like Paddington bear.. I loooove marmelade. 😀

For awhile I couldn’t do anything on my blog.. I’d input my data (logging in) and the page would turn white. 😐

IDEK.. I want some more of that non-alcoholic beer. That shit is gooooood. 🙂

I have Art Academy: First semester (or w/e) on my 3DS XL. I used to draw quite well.. but not now…

/ranting and raving





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