New post on my pokemon blog

It’s right here.

I am here in my bedroom with my sister eating snack (apple slices)  Tomorrow at dinner, we  (Coll and I) are ordering panzos from here. Yum! 😀

Today my right ankle and heel are hurting like hell. I think it might be the weather… it’s been up and down… and me having arthritis in my foot and knees, not very fun indeed.

I hate McIntosh apples. They are really acidic and not a good apple all together. I prefer Golden/Red delicious.



3 thoughts on “New post on my pokemon blog

  1. Aw man, you have arthritis in in your foot and knees?! That must not be fun. Arthritis is something that I hope I never get. Then again, I think I’d rather have arthritis than have a mental problem of any kind. Yeah, arthritis isn’t so bad compared to that. 😛

    I’m not really super big on any kind of apple. I mean, I like them, but they’re not something that I’ll just be sitting around and suddenly decide I want to eat.

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