Again. In mid April no less. Go away snow!  LOL Tomorrow Coll & I are ordering panzos  from Pizzaville tomorrow night. 🙂 I’m going to go for broke with the Platinum nuzlocke. It’s too easy on B&W(2) … I want a real challenge.  So.. I am going to do that after my bed linens come back (it’s laundry day) …


I really want to get my hands on Soul Silver/Heart Gold… I think those two (Platinum + SS/HG) are the hardest… so.. w/e eh? Plus your pokes walk around with you. I think that is cute. 😀

I think I will start off with Turtwig. Hehe.. me and my grass types. 😛 I mean, the other two are great but they are sweepers and I want a challenge.. y’know? Sooo… that’s what I’ll do. 🙂



One thought on “Snow…

  1. They’re calling for snow here sometime this week, or maybe it was next week. 😦

    I have Heart Gold, but if I do a Nuzlocke, I might get Soul Silver because I don’t like restarting my files in my Pokemon games. I get too attached to my Pokemon.

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