Pokemon Z??

What kind of sorcery is this? I understand X&Y (X for Xerneas and Y for Yveltal.) but Z?  Maybe it might be Zygard?  But you can catch Zygard already in X&Y..? I don’t get it.




8 thoughts on “Pokemon Z??

  1. It wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo released a Pokemon game staring the third legendary Pokemon from a region. But, you do have a point, you can already catch Zygarde in X/Y, which is something that you couldn’t do in previous staring-third-legendary-Pokemon games. But, wait, isn’t there some rumors about a new region floating around as well? Maybe it all ties in together…

  2. Actually, you could catch Rayquaza in Ruby and Sapphire, Giratina in Diamond and Pearl and Kyurem in Black and White. Yet they later got their own games in the following sequels but they played an actual role in the story instead of just a cameo. The prospect of Pokemon Z having Zygard as its lead pokemon is pretty high.
    Then again, Nintendo sort of changed it up with having actual sequels via White 2 and Black 2 and two sequels instead of just one so they could throw a curveball at us.

    • I have both Y and Platinum. 🙂 I love them… I am thinking of starting again on my Platinum as a sort of nuzlocke?

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