Oh hai there.. I’m getting a Sony Vaio…

As a birthday gift from my . My bday is July 2. I’m still praying for Strawberry and Dino’s father. 😦


In pokemon news, I’msort of finding a good team… someone once  told me that you can win with your favorites  on Pokemon.  IDK,  :/




8 thoughts on “Oh hai there.. I’m getting a Sony Vaio…

  1. Thanks for your prayers – Dad’s doing a lot better than he was before!

    Well, it depends on what your favourites are; favouring a Magikarp certainly wouldn’t give you a chance

  2. Your birthday is the same day as my older sister’s. :O My sixteenth birthday was today. 🙂 Thanks for the prayers! Daddy’s feeling a lot better today, so, things are looking up. 🙂

    I don’t know about the Pokemon thing, but it sounds like pretty good logic to me!

  3. Not everyone can win with their favourites. For a start, most of mine are the same type. But that doens’t mean you just have to choose the same ugly beasts that everyone else uses.
    I used Nidoqueen at nationals- I love her, and she saved my turkey bacon more than once. Happy birthday in advance!

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