Pokémon Tuesdays: Pacing Mechanics

Love monopoly. 🙂

A TCG is very different from most other board games, in that you can potentially have access to a large variety very powerful cards not just when building your deck, but since decks are randomized, you could potentially have game-winning cards in your hand on the first turn!

McDonalds-Monopoly-Boardwalk If you were to start Monopoly with both Boardwalk and Park Place, with hotels on both properties, it would be very difficult to find much enjoyment in the game.

Pacing is a function of a game that makes sure that the game isn’t too short, too long, or become random. Pacing actually maintains strategic integrity, in that it ensures that all players have (more or less) equal opportunity of reaching vital game resources evenly, so that one player doesn’t push ahead solely on luck.

Games generally have one pacing curve, and most games simply slowly escalate in difficulty or in access to…

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