Toddler dies after being left in scalding bath

Awww… so much bad news these days. 😦

TEXAS – A heartbreaking story out of northeast Houston.

Authorities say a two-year-old girl is dead, after being scalded in a bathtub.

Now investigators say the childcare agency where it happened wasn’t licensed.

This is apartment where authorities say a two-year-old girl was scalded in the bathtub – her tiny body covered in first and second degree burns.


By the time the girl’s mother arrived, it was too late.

“You could hear her cry through almost the whole apartment complex. You could hear screams,” said Artrell Jenkins a witness.

The state’s childcare licensing agency says this small apartment was operating as a 24 hour daycare.

The daycare is now shutdown.

Child protective services is also getting involved.

“And so that we can make sure that if there are any other children in the home, that they are safe,” said Gwen Carter with childcare licensing. “That includes children that this family…

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