No particular subject

Colleen just told me that there were wvebcams to be had for $3 from Dollarama. O_O What the f*ck?! Eh.. my sister is making friends of the avian kind — mallard ducks is what she likes to feed, but those stupid f*cking Canadian geese keep driving away the mallards. 😦

Today was a blustery day.. I hate the wind. 😦 Whyyyy must we have schizophrenic weather patterns?????????? I mean, I love thunderstorms but not off and on with the sun. 







2 thoughts on “No particular subject

  1. I like Canadian Geese. There’s a Mama and a Papa Goose that come to our pond every year to lay their eggs, and the Goslings are so cute when they hatch. ❤ We also have a Mama and Papa Mallard Duck that come every year, and the Geese and the Ducks don't have a single problem getting along.

    It's always windy here, so I never really pay much attention to it.

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