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My Pokemon Blog…

Here it is —>

I will be doing a play by play in that blog. Let me tell you this though. I’m not using the EXP share in any of my 3 games (Platinum, B2, and Y) because I feel that is making things too easy.. and I don’t like that. I want things as hard as possible… I am not sure at this point whether or not any of them will be nuzlockes… I think maybe Platinum will be my nuzlocke game simply bc I like to challenge myself… and also I might want to try a wonderlocke… I like the idea of that.



Stupid e-mail…

Sorry guys.. I fudged up on my e-mail and I wasn’t getting my comments. >_< I am going to start a Pokemon blog here on WP and thus I am starting again on ALL of my games. I want to chronicle my adventures… 🙂

It’s really windy out… I just hope it’s not this blustery on Thursday. =( Aand it’s snowing… 9_9