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i hope to get my tax return soon…

Yeah, I’m still waiting for my monies, I just had dinner — fish and potato wedges. I’m getting chubby again. 😦 Ah well.. shit happens right? I want that Sapphire kyogre pokemon re-make sooo badly!!!ink 

I wonder if the pokemon follow you around like SS&HG? 




I’m sick and tired of people doing inappropriate things.

Holy shit Batman. There are a shit ton of pervs on LJ. 

In Pokemon news, I have stopped for awhile. I need to get me a 3DS  XL bc I gave the pokemon one to my baby sister Colleen. I know which one I want.. it’s this. I can’t wait to play it. I want to battle Taco again. :3  So, as soon as in next week I shall have the money to get said system. I can’t wait. 😀

I’n itching to play Pokemon now. Jeez. I guess the pull of Ninty is hard for me to ignore. LOL But I will ride the week out and then Tuesday Coll will pick up the console… even if I don’t get the Yoshi one I will still do an unboxing for everyone’s pleasure.

I just thought of something… I wonder if they still have the gold Zelda 3DS XL?

We have a $15 credit at Gamestop so, and Coll will chip in $11 towards the system.

I think I’d better stay the fuck away from LJ  for awhile.


I’m going to social…

It’s been ages since I went but I’m trying it once. If I don’t like it… fuck it. I’m not really a social type girl. I like quiet nights in gaming… of course! 😀 I am really dying for Pokemon Y. I can’t wait til my GST and the trillium gets cashed! I am so blowing it on X & Y. I hear so many good things about it. But there is a glitch I hear… which is really disheartening but not really deterrent.

I know I’ll pick who I pick for the Kalos starter and the Kanto starters, but which pokes do you think is a good idea to get? Chespin (that’s who I’m getting even though his second evo looks like a balloon… :p), Fennekin, or Froakie? There is no way in hell I’m getting Froakie… two reasons, 1) my sister laid claim to Froakie in X and 2) It’s butt ugly…  I need your opinions.