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New tumblr..

II got a new tumblr bc my log-in was futzed up. Here I be.  Not today but two weeks later, I’m getting the Yoshi 3DS. I have to wait to see if my GST came or not. With my regular cheque, and the GST plus Colly has $15 on her Edge card… and Coll will donate $11 for it also.  I have 227 which is good. I ♥ my sister. :3

I’m getting hungry..  



Ok.. so..

The weather ppl are calling for snow, but it doesn’t look like snow anymore. 😛 Ah well.. I’m still waiting on Dave and my money. I hope he comes.. I’m almost done Black 2. So far, it’s going well.. I’m near the Giant Chasm and I’m trying to find Ghetsis in the cave. As for my Platinum game, I haven’t even scratched the surface. 🙂

I fell asleep on the couch just a few minutes ago. I can sleep anywhere. 🙂


Before I head to bed…

Huh… I’m a poet and don’t know it. :p I just found out that we are getting a GST not only in October but also in January too. 😀 That is great news! 😀 I will have a surplus of $$$ then. 🙂 I am watching some movie … I think it’s Dune. 🙂 I could be wrong. *shrugs*

Today I found out what smh means. Finally. :p I’ll be ok. 🙂 LOL


Edit: I’m watching Jason X I think. 🙂