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I am trying to wean myself off of Livejournal. That’s why I’m here most of the time, reading (and commenting) other WP blogs… but it’s slow going. I bought myself a DSi to keep me sane.. I need something to play W2, and Platinum. I know what you are saying… “Sam, why not buy yourself a 3DS?” Two reasons: The original 3DS is becoming obsolete .. and least that’s what Gamestop said.. now they only sell the XLs so… I have to build up my money in the next few months,  bc the XL is too fucking expensive. So.. I got something to play my DS cartridges. 

I feel like going for a nap.




I am just sitting here drinking berry juice and thinking about going down for a nap. I need to get one of these soon. I want to get the Sims2 + pets for my vita. I’m going to pick up 2 dsis also… mostly for the nostalgia and also so my sister and I can exchange photos and play pictochat like we used to. 🙂