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I’m just drinking hot cocoa and relaxing.

I’m watching Shooter right now. I bought a new camera.  It’s a GE digital camera. I have to get my memory card from Michelle. I’m going to take a selfie when the battery recharges. I have to wait 3 hours b4 I can play around with it. 🙂 I want to take pix of Coll too. She is my favorite subject. 🙂

I am going to relax now…



I’m trying to stay awake…

But I’m waging a losing battle. I really hate CFS. Ah well.. in an hours time we are having a NYE’s party bc most of us can’t stay up due to our meds and whatnot. I can’t play Pokemon Y until next week bc Michelle has my memory card. I took some pix of the winter wonderland for her… and she is going to get them developed next week. 

Speaking of SD cards, I need a new camera. I am getting one hopefully Thursday or Friday. I am also getting a $50 vita card. I want to get the Sims2 and Doki Doki Universe… and maybe that Tearaway game. I’ve been playing the demos of both DDU and Tearaway.. and they are cute. Tearaway is kind of hard sooo maybe not. 🙂