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Late night noms

Geula is ordering a pizza and she is willing to give us a slice. 😀  I’m hitting the hay after this. 🙂 Duck Dynasty is on tv right now… but I’m not really watching it… like it’s background noise?




Yepp. I am staying put. No more LJs, no more DW, just me and my blogs here on WordPress. My sister says that being on the computer is boring… how can the internet be boring?! Frankly I’m happier than a pig in shit when I’m on the net… I really don’t know why Coll’s parents gave her a computer when she hardly gets on.  😐

I wish I could get my mitts on a 3DS (XL) , I’m dying to play Pokemon Y… but I’m going to have to tough it out.. Just one more week!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!! *does the ham sammich shuffle* LMAO.

We are ordering Little Caesar’s again this coming Thursday. I can’t get enough of that deep deep dish pizza.

Well.. I’m off for the night.


No particular subject…

I have a funny picture as my ps vita lock screen. :p  I will show you later. Colleen has a 3DS now.. I gave her my 3ds XL bc I’m getting the Yoshi 3DS XL. All we need for her is Pokemon X for her. 🙂 Today we are ordering  pizza .. this one in particular. It is soooooo delish!

Friday we go bowling with the girls (and guys)… I think maybe Cait will be there. :3



Aaand about my pokemon blog.. I’ll fix it up after I get my own 3DS XL.

No particular subject..

This week, I only have my meeting and then on Tuesday Colly & I are ordering pizza. Yum! Little Caesar’s deep dish pizza with bacon on it? Delish!

I’m going to play Pokemon now. 🙂