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Dead tired

The Hoenn re-makes are almost here. =D I am in a quandary, I want the Sims4 and I want the new Kyogre 3DS XL. Kyogre is my all time favorite legendary. ❤

I am really tired.

Bon nuit



No particular subject.

I want to buy a copy of the Sims4 just to see if it’s like the Simks3, bc if it is, I’m not buying it… bc I’m a Sims2 kind of gal.If anyone has the game wouid you kindly tell me your thoughts on it?

I can’t wait for November, not only is it my sister’s bday (the 20th) but also the R/S re-makes the next day. =D


I’m drinking a cup of joe…

I need to post something inane bc I’m half asleep… all my posts never make any sense when I’m this way.. I have bloodwork tomorrow… oh joy…This brand of coffee has such a bad aftertaste,,  I definitely need either moar caffeine or a nice long siesta.

Did I tell you that I got an elegant form of Vivillon off the GTS? I lucked out! She is mostly purple… XD She does have red and yellow near the tips of her upper wings.

If I said it b4, I’m sorry.. I just love my purple ladty.




Caution, this post has more swearing than a sailor at sea.

Let me just say this. Let’s boycott LJ. I am dead serious. I tried several passwords for my f*cking account there.. and they froze my account for a “few hours” Well.. I have news for you. Call 1-800-BITEME and see if I give any f*cks. F*CKING HELL.

I have totally had it with LJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

In pokemon news I got myself from the GTS — wait for it… wait… ok! I bagged myself a purple Vivillon!! =D She has a spot of of orange and red near the the upper tips of her wings and she is beautiful!! She is an elegant patterned girl from Japan, =D

She kicks major arse.




I love my 2DS..

It’s a great little device… I want a Salamence, I love dark types fire types and dragon types I need to bag me a bagon,,, 🙂 Yes, I restarted the game once more.

I think I will go play my Platinum.


Oh! And I am getting the new re-makes in November.


‘I was just looking at a video, and they have a mega salamence. I need to get myself a bagon. 🙂 Mega Lopunny is stupid… I love Houndoom’s epic mega form.

In other news, well, there isn’t. I am really tired but I have to stay awake.for when my sister skypes me.


Hahaha!!! XD

Dark Mist and Astral battled each other today. I don’t know whether or not who wins bc that is next Saturday\s ep. 😦 I love Astral but Dark Mist is pretty cool too. 

We are BBQed burgers and a green salad to go with.. I am not a rabbit.. I would rather have potato salad. :

Oh, if you want my fc here it is: 3024-7310-6139 and my in game name is Sambuca bc that is what a close friend calls me. 😀

Some one tell me what my safari is?