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Oh gods I lost my post…

Last night my sister bought me a Cherry Coke Zero.. and it was delicious. She is the sweetest girl ever. ❤ Here is her blog on WP. I’m adding her to my blog roll I should have done that ages ago. I’m  re-learning HTML bc my lappy’s keyboard has a lot of different keys but they show you what is what button y’know?

I’m going to have a siesta now.




New tumblr..

II got a new tumblr bc my log-in was futzed up. Here I be.  Not today but two weeks later, I’m getting the Yoshi 3DS. I have to wait to see if my GST came or not. With my regular cheque, and the GST plus Colly has $15 on her Edge card… and Coll will donate $11 for it also.  I have 227 which is good. I ♥ my sister. :3

I’m getting hungry..