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I think that I will hit the pillow after meds

Or wait for Colly to get back from social…. IDK…on

Coll reserved a copy of each new re-makes at Toys R Us. One for Coll and the other for moi.I can\t wait til November!!!! XD

I’m sitting here waiting for meds to be called. I think I’ll wait for Coll to return. 🙂




I decided to change urls

I just woke up from my afternoon nap. Kurt is making my life a living hell. I told him to fuck off and leave me alone. I feel like watching a Batman movie… but the thing is I don’t have a DVD player OR a vcr. U_U 

/rant and/or ravings

I started again on Pokemon Y again. I am currently trying to decide on a starter. My first choice would be Chespin, bc I think that he is cute… Fennekin is my 2nd choice, and Froakie my last. But if I choose Fennekin, I can’t choose Charmander, And I love my Charmander. 🙂 But I might choose Froakie… idk… 


Late night noms

Geula is ordering a pizza and she is willing to give us a slice. 😀  I’m hitting the hay after this. 🙂 Duck Dynasty is on tv right now… but I’m not really watching it… like it’s background noise?