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I just had supper…

I had roast chicken, rice, and  mixed veggies. It was nice. Not anything to bring home to mama but it was edible.

In pokemon news, I’m catching pokemon in X, and some times I get lucky with the stats (like naughty or sassy) and other  times I just box them.

IRL Coll is getting ready for social. I’m more of a computer nerd. Give me a computer and the Internet, and boom! I’m happier than a pig in sh*t. I censor my posts bc I was upsetting Miss Strawberry.. 🙂



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I just had cherry ice cream in a strawberry waffle cone. It was yummy. 😀  I’ve never had a strawberry cone b4 today.  I will post my team very soon… (read tomorrow if I remember.)

Holy fuck.. It’s 17C out now. 😮



Yepp. I am staying put. No more LJs, no more DW, just me and my blogs here on WordPress. My sister says that being on the computer is boring… how can the internet be boring?! Frankly I’m happier than a pig in shit when I’m on the net… I really don’t know why Coll’s parents gave her a computer when she hardly gets on.  😐

I wish I could get my mitts on a 3DS (XL) , I’m dying to play Pokemon Y… but I’m going to have to tough it out.. Just one more week!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!! *does the ham sammich shuffle* LMAO.

We are ordering Little Caesar’s again this coming Thursday. I can’t get enough of that deep deep dish pizza.

Well.. I’m off for the night.


Hello and good morning!

Well.. things are going to be different this Friday. I’m going to order a Tito’s panzerotti while Coll & Kimmy order subs. I love Tito’s pizza slices so… this could be amazing. 🙂 I woke up @ 2am this morning and was playing Tetris @ 4am. LOL I’m going to rest… the reason I’m ordering from Tito’s is bc we are having *clears throat* HAM SAMMICHES today for lunch.