Channel 4 documentary lifts lid on pet dogs stolen for diners in Vietnam

Animal abuse doesn’t fly w/ me


I am getting spoiled by my baby sister

Not only is she getting me the Sims 4 but next Friday she is getting me this.<3

Here is a selfie I took just now

I’m wearing a breast cancer awareness sweater, that I bought a while ago. It was tight when I bought it but  not any more. =D

I just saw a Canadian goose go flying by, it wasn’t in a V formation but at least the motherf*ckers are going away..=D


Dead tired

The Hoenn re-makes are almost here. =D I am in a quandary, I want the Sims4 and I want the new Kyogre 3DS XL. Kyogre is my all time favorite legendary. ❤

I am really tired.

Bon nuit


No particular subject.

I want to buy a copy of the Sims4 just to see if it’s like the Simks3, bc if it is, I’m not buying it… bc I’m a Sims2 kind of gal.If anyone has the game wouid you kindly tell me your thoughts on it?

I can’t wait for November, not only is it my sister’s bday (the 20th) but also the R/S re-makes the next day. =D